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Get the best performance

Your website will be hosted in our best infrastructure in our biggest hosting package. Besides exceptional server performance you’ll be the first to get software upgrades which bring performance optimizations.

Never worry again

You just focus on your website content. Leave everything else to us. We’ll be there every day, making sure everything works great. Our AI monitoring software constantly keeps an eye on your site and notifies us if something is not right.

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100% Managed Website for a Low Monthly Fee

Best in Class.

01. Unlimited Hosting

Truly unlimited hosting. You don’t have to worry about hosting at all. You get our top hosting package which is more than enough for (almost) any of website. In the unlikely case that this is not enough we’ll get you the best deal on any server package as long as you are an all-inclusive customer. No more worries if you have the best hosting.

Best Performance.

02. 24/7 Optimization

Our engineers and SysAdmins check and optimize your website daily. Premium software (like GTMetrix Pro), constantly monitors performance on your website. When we identify a new performance opportunity or a sudden drop in speed due to website changes, we act immediately. Most of the time you won’t even notice it.

Personalized Service.

03. Dedicated Team

Your all-inclusive package includes a dedicated support engineer for you. That’s right, your own dedicated person and point of contact that will help you and your website reach your goals. It will speak your language and understand your problems. That’s how we can offer the best in class solutions to our all-inclusive clients.

You heard that right.
We manage your website, so you can manage your business

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Our All Inclusive Package Will Skyrocket Your Company

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Blazing Fast & Secure

The only plan that can get you peace of mind and a smooth website.

CMS Updates

Whether it's WordPress or Drupal, we proactively update all major and critical versions.

CloudFlare as Standard

We leverage all of CloudFlare features for CDN, Caching, WAF and Security.

Lockdown Operation

Our systems are like Alcatraz. Separate email servers, SFTP only access, no cpanels. So no security nightmares.

Web Application Firewall

Multilayered as well, we are able to eliminate most threats before they even reach the server.

Record Breaking Speeds

PHP 7, Nginx, PHP-FPM, Percona DB, Varnish, Redis, Memcache and our Top Hosting Package. Heard Enough?

Global Datacenters

We have deployed servers in all major datacenter in the world. That way we can setup your website to the one nearest to your customers.

Constant Monitoring

Our servers are monitored by the best premium security and performance monitors (GTMetrix Pro, Datadog and more). We are notified immediately if something is not right.

Unlimited Optimization

We proactively monitor and constantly optimize all aspects of your site when you sign up and in the future as well. That means you'll always be as fast as possible.

Multi-Layered Caching

Proper caching is one of the toughest engineering problems. But we have the solution. Your site is cached in multiple layers and technologies.

All Inclusive Pricing

Get everything you need plus an experienced partner working for you every day.

Everything for Just



Fastest Web Hosting
Unlimited Optimization
Unlimited Maintenance

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All Inclusive Plan

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident the value you’ll get from joining us, that we offer you a 30-day money back guarantee. If for whatever reason you are not happy with our service or the performance of our servers we’ll give you your money back, no questions asked. The only thing you have to do is notify us by opening a ticket within 30 days after setting up your hosting account.

How many websites can I host for €97/month?

You can host one website with the all inclusive plan for €97/month subscription. This plan is intended for hosting your most important website, maintaining it, and proactively updating and securing it. If you don’t need the additional services we provide, you can choose one of our Hosting Plans.

If I cancel my monthly plan will you re-migrate my domains back to my old hosting or to a new hosting provider?


We want to win your business because we’re the best choice and we offer the best service, not because we’ve trapped you or made you feel like it’s too much trouble to move away from us if we’ve let you down.

Therefore, if you cancel with us we’ll actively facilitate the process of moving you to your preferred host at no cost to you.

Which CDN provider do you use?

Committed to always offer the best of the best, we use the industry standard: CloudFlare.

It’s worth noting that CloudFlare is not a “true” CDN but thats a good thing. In fact, in many cases, it is substantially faster while also piling on many additional benefits that CDNs can’t offer, such as Web Application Firewall and brute force attack prevention.

A true CDN typically “pulls” static content from an origin (in this case, your website), makes copies of that content on all of the network’s edge servers, and then serves that content via the edge server nearest the visitor who is browsing your site.

Our system, on the other hand, is a “caching reverse proxy” which caches website content and serves it via its own network of edge servers. This technology is superior to a traditional CDN (although it’s possible to combine both a reverse caching proxy and a CDN so they’re not mutually exclusive).

Will my website use a CDN?

Yes. Your website will be fully set up on CloudFlare CDN.

Are my SSL certificates really free?

Yes. Completely free using SSL Certificates from CloudFlare and Let’s Encrypt.

How do you optimize using data driven decisions?

After the initial global optimizations of the website, we are constantly monitoring its performance using our premium tools and we’re also monitoring traffic and visitor behavior using analytics and tracking solutions. When we identify anything that could be improved for better performance, we are optimizing. So in other words, we look into actual data and decide what we’re doing to improve based on that.

What will you do to protect me if my site is hacked and/or infected with malware/viruses?

In the unlikely event that your site is compromised in any way, we will act quickly to quarantine, disinfect, and future-proof your site against any such threats.

We say “unlikely” because we take active measures on a weekly basis to protect against such attacks.

This includes keeping your WordPress version, plugins and themes up to date, performing daily backups, disabling “back doors” for every site that we bring onto our platform, and meticulously securing and monitoring our own servers.

We also install the WordFence Security plugin to further fortify your defenses.

These actions disable common malware vectors and deter even the most sophisticated of hackers, who would much rather find an easy target.

In short, we go the extra mile to keep you and your business safe & secure.

What is your refund policy?

If you’re not satisfied with our services for any reason whatsoever, let us know within 30 days of signing up and we’ll refund your full payment and we’ll facilitate migration back to your old hosting platform or another hosting provider at absolutely zero cost to you.

This is applicable to every recurring month you pay, not just the first one. So if you decide to leave the service on your 3rd month, you’d get that months money back.

What kind of hosting infrastructure do you use?

We use blazing-fast SSD based cloud hosting instances which we choose and deploy on the basis of your specific business needs/geography. We partner with many of the top Cloud Hosting providers including Amazon, Google, Digital Ocean, and others.

Do you protect/encrypt my data?

We keep your data secure at all times. However, depending on the location we deploy your server you may not be safe from a government subpoena.

If this is a major concern of yours we can deploy your server in Germany, a country with strict privacy laws.

All Inlcusive Plan At A Glance
  • Our Top Hosting Package
  • Performance Monitoring with Premium Tools
  • Unlimited Optimization Using Data Driven Decisions
  • Pro-active Updates for WordPress, Drupal and other CMS’s
  • 24/7 Monitoring for Downtime and Performance Drops
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