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15 Years of Experience

Blazing Fast Managed

Hosting Platform

The fastest and most reliable way to host your websites and focus on your business. Specialised in Drupal, WordPress and other php based applications.

Web Hosting

Get fast and secure hosting for small and medium sites.

WordPress Hosting

Manage your WordPress sites easily and with more freedom.

WooCommerce Hosting

Boost your business with optimized Woo hosting.

Drupal Hosting

Choose our cloud for high performing Drupal websites.


We Cut All The Middlemen

We Have Zero Tolerance On Middlemen. Human or Software.
Separate Email Servers

Email servers, their attack rate and IP reputation is one of the hardest aspects in hosting. Our hardware stack has completely separate mail servers with a choice of dedicated IPs to ensure maximum security and deliverability of the network.

Our Own Cloud

We lease our own private cloud servers directly from the biggest wholesalers in Europe.

In House Engineers

We have a great team of in-house System Administrators, DevOps Engineers and Support experts that speak your language.

No Control Panels

Control Panels use an excessive amount of resources and are too insecure. Site builders use less than 10% of their features.

User Space Separation

By enforcing the highest standards in linux isolation technology such as SELinux and the most hardened user space jails. A compromised website can never harm the rest of the server.

User Space Separation

By enforcing the highest standards in linux technology such as SELinux and the most hardened user space jails. A compromised website can never harm the rest of the server.

Premium Hardware & Caching

Fast Web Hosting needs premium hardware and the best caching methods. We got them all. Enterprise SSDs, Varnish, Memcache and more.


WordPress Sites

By default WordPress aren’t optimized a lot. Our optimization experts will ensure your WordPress site is one of the top performing and most secure ever.


Drupal Sites & Devs

If you have a Drupal website, you need to fully leverage its enormous capabilities. Our optimization plan includes everything your website needs to perform as fast as it can.

Our Customers Love Our Expert Support

Our Customer Support team is among the highest-trained teams online. Fast, multi-skilled and willing to help


Your website will be up and running 24/7. But if you ever encounter any problem our support team will be there for you.

& Friendly

Our engineers and SysAdmins have many years of experience and our support team is always eager to help


Our Web Hosting is Fast but our whole business is fast too. Our support team crew members are very quick in resolving your tickets.


We want our customers to be happy and satisfied with us. That’s why we give money back guarantees to all our customers.

Why Choose Fast Web Host

We never compromise on your success or our service

Technical Craftsmanship

Fast adoption of the best technologies and in-house built solutions

Developing smart in-house solutions and adopting innovative technology is our passion and our craft. We are experts in secure account isolation and the best in Linux cloud servers. We have customized a lightweight virtualization method to ensure it matches our security and reliability standards. We introduced a cloudflare CDN setup, for all our customers, for both speed and security as well as SSL encryption to every website we host. We developed our own AI software preventing brute-force attacks. We never stop innovating to bring you the best service possible.

Managed and Empowering

Fully-managed services you control

We believe managed hosting should empower rather than limit you. We offer a special setup that is superfast without any heavyweight control panels yet you have complete control on your everyday tasks. We run the latest PHP versions, but allow you to switch between versions. We enable static caching for your website, but you can easily switch it off or add more layers, like dynamic cache, object caching, memcached and more, so you get the performance you deserve.

Security-first Mindset

Constant security monitoring and prevention is our standard

We have a team of dedicated security experts keeping track of daily software vulnerabilities on a server and website level. They actively write security patches and enhancements to prevent possible attacks. We constantly identify new attacks and write custom Web Application Firewall rules to prevent them. That way our websites will be the last ones standing in a zero-day exploit.

Get Started With Fast Web Host Completely Free.

Get free migration, setup and our famous* 30 money back guarantee when you sign up now.

Professional Performance Optimization

Your website will be the fastest of its industry with our customized optimization service
Database & Webserver

High performance web server optimization and the fastest database drivers to date make your site super fast under load and during traffic spikes.

Caching & CDN

Even if you have a caching plugin installed, it probably isn’t configured properly. We will setup Cloudflare CDN and optimize your cache to the max.

CMS Optimization

Every CMS comes with unnecessary bloat. We will make sure your website has only what is needed enabled. You’ll be surprised with this one.

Smart Lazy Load

We use the smartest lazy load code so your website will always be a winner. We optimize everything for a fast web experience even the small details.